Getting my Daughter into Legos

When I was a kid, I never realized how expensive Legos were. I had quite bit as a kid, and somehow, they’ve disappeared over the years. As an adult, my Wife would never let me buy Legos for myself, so I have no choice but to make my kids fall in love with them.

I happened to notice a large tub of Legos at my wife’s office. The Legos belonged to her boss, but were just collecting dust in storage.  I asked him if I could take them, and a few days later re responded with a yes. I took the Legos home and my daughter and I dumped the tub onto the carpet and started checking out what we are working with. With any tub of Lego’s there were all sorts of “not-a-Lego” items. Anything from exploded batteries and random wires, to tinker-toys and rubber bands. After separating all the “not-a-Lego” items from the Legos, we began to build. I started to notice A LOT of megablocks mixed in with the Legos. For those of you that are not familiar with megablocks, they are just like Legos, but they are NOT Legos. Some megablocks are not a problem, as they are mostly compatible with Legos, but some are not at all. I made the decision to go through each and every block and separate them. After three hours spread across three days, I finally had them all separated. Hooray! Not quite. I was disappointed to find out that only about 40% of the tub had been real Legos, and the other 60% were megablocks.

To bulk up our Lego pile, I bought some Legos on eBay. From what I hear, buying Legos by the pound is the way to go, if you can get a good deal. I was too eager to wait around for a good deal, so I got some for about $12 a pound. I ordered two pounds of random Legos as well as two 32×32 stud flat pieces for ground. I didn’t know what to expect with the random legos. I sort of assumed it would mostly be the generic bricks as shown in the featured picture of this post, but I was wrong. There was quite a few special or one-off pieces that were clearly for a specific themed set. Also, in a sealed plastic bag, there was a Boba Fett figure! bobaFettIf I can’t find a better deal that $12 a pound, I may buy a couple more pounds from the same seller. Overall I was pleased with the set. We now have a somewhat respectable collection, and I see it getting bigger in the near future. 😊 Part of me wants to buy another two pounds, part of me wants to buy a brand new set, and part of me knows I shouldn’t be spending money on Legos! What should I do?!

I will be sure to post some pictures of my Daughters creations. At this point, she would rather just play with the things I make, but she is getting there!

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