zRPG – Update #1

This is the first update for zRPG – My Role Playing Game Project. You can see the original post here.

zRPG is the code-name for an untitled game I started developing in in July of 2016. Like the code-name suggests, this game will eventually be a RPG, or Role Playing Game. I started this game a long time ago but have only put a few real programming hours into it. Recently I have decided that I want to move forward with the game and get it moving.


  • Introduced the map (world) to the game.
  • Established the Characters position in the world.
  • Added slots for the character to equip items.
  • Added ability to equip and remove items.


The map or world I chose to use for the game is a grid system. This is a good place to start, as you can always add to the grid. I got this idea from Scott Lilly. He is a Custom C# Developer and has a few excellent tutorials.  You can check out his website here for his RPG tutorials. Here is what my map looks like so far:

I added logic to the game so the game knows where the character is currently on the map. The starting place is in the “Home” cell on the grid. As you can see from the map, when the character is at Home, they can go any direction but west/left. I have added buttons to the main screen to allow the character to move in the world. If there is no location in either direction, the button will disappear. So standing in home, you would expect to see North, East, and South buttons.

Main Screen:

In this screenshot, you can see the three buttons we expected to see. As well as the name of the location in the upper left. You may notice a few other new buttons on this screen. The “Free Stuff”, “It’s a Trap”, and “+5 EXP” buttons are all just for my own testing. The “Menu” button allows the user to get to the menu without pressing “P” or “ESC”.

Menu Screen:

The menu screen looks quite different now as well. Here is where I spent most of my time during this update. The first change is that there are now only two tabs, Inventory and Map. The inventory tab holds all the information about the character as well as gives the user a means to use items. Selecting an item in the drop-down menu on the top right will show an items effect and value. There are two check-boxes to show whether or not an item in consumable or equip-able. If an item is equip-able, it will also show which slot it belongs to. We can see here that the Wood Helmet goes in the Head slot. The Effect text box not only shows the effect of the item, but the effect compared to what is already in the Head slot.

Since the character is already wearing the Wood Helmet, the Bronze Helmet says “+2 Defense (+1)”. The Bronze Helmet has an effect of +2 Defense, and switching to this helmet with result in (+1) defense to the character. If you compare these two screenshots, we can see that the characters defense level is raised by 1 with the wood helmet on.

Character Creation:

I’ve simplified the character creation by adding the Defense skill and removing 6 other skills. (Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck)


The rest of the work I’ve done this week is mostly behind the scenes. Here are a few things that I’ve added/fixed:

  • Added ability to save the Character’s Gear.
  • Added logic to consume items. (Potions/Food)
  • The X buttons by each gear slot will remove that item and put it back in the inventory.

Goals for Update #2:

I hope to find time to really nail down and clean up the characters Inventory and Gear so I can move on with other things like NPC’s, Monsters, Quests, and Combat. Here are some of my goals for the next update:

  • Change the Inventory from a drop-down list to a grid. Similar to the grid on the Load Character Screen.
  • Remove the Effect/Value/Slot/Equip-able/Consumable fields from the menu screen and instead have those values in the grid.
  • Allow the user to sort their items by Name/Slot/Value.
  • Allow the user to sell their items, but only at specific locations.

Looking for Feedback:

I would love to know what you think! Please comment or email me any ideas, suggestions, comments, or concerns!

Thanks for reading!

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