zRPG – Update #2

This is the second update for zRPG – My C# Role Playing Game Project.

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This has been a slow week, but I was able to meet almost all of my goals from the last update!


  • Started working on the Map Interface
  • Converted Inventory from ComboBox to DataGridView

Map – (First Draft)

This is a pretty crude version of what I hope becomes a nice looking map. This first draft includes some of the basic functionality I was looking for from the beginning, but there are still a lot of updates to be made.


The slightly more lime green cell (Home) represents the players current location within the world. The cell with bold blue text means there is an item trader at this location. The cell with bold orange text means there is a quest available at this location. When the user clicks on any cell, the cell will be highlighted with a red border and they can see some basic information about that location. I might reverse this and have the Current Location have the Red Border and the Selected Location change colors.

Here we can see that when we click on the Forest, there is a quest available here. This information seems redundant since we already have the Orange text on the Map itself. I will likely change this to be the name of the Quest instead of “There is a quest available here.” I am not 100% pleased with the way the map looks right now, so I’m sure it will be changing a lot.


Once again, there has been some huge changes to the Inventory. I got rid of that boring drop-down list that once held all the items, and replaced it with this more functional Data Grid View. The grid allows the user to see information about the items without having to click on them, while displaying more information when clicked on.


There is a lot you can do with Data Grid Views so this will be changing a lot too. I would like to add the ability to sort the columns in the grid, as well as add filters to the grid. I might add a few check-boxes to the top of the grid to allow the user to filter the items.

Ability to Sell Items

I have also added the ability to sell items. If the user navigates to an area of the world that has a Trader available, a new button will appear on the Inventory Screen. The Sell Item Button does exactly what you would expect, it adds the items value to the players gold, and then removes the item from the inventory.


In this case, selling the Bronze Helmet would add 8 gold to the Player Gold. Buying objects is something that I hope to get functional in the next update.

Goals for Update #3:

Now that the basics for the Inventory and Map are in place, I hope to get started on some actual game-play features. Here are some of my goals for the next update:

  • Allow the user to sort their items in the inventory grid
  • Allow the user to Filter their items in the inventory grid
  • Create Trader / Ability to Buy Items
  • Introduce Monsters to the Game
  • Start Developing the Combat System
  • Create First Quest


Looking for Feedback:

As always, I would love to know what you think! Please comment or email me any ideas, suggestions, comments, or concerns!

Thanks for reading!

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