zRPG – Update #4

This is the fourth update for zRPG – My C# Role Playing Game Project.

Here are links to the original post and updates #1#2, and #3.


  • Created Configuration Screen
    • Allows game to be played by someone other than me.
  • Made changes to User Interface
  • Started working on Combat System
  • Created Loot Screen


Configuration Screen:

As a user, one of the first things you would notice with the game is a change to the start screen. there is a new button here for Configuration.


If you click this button, it brings you to a small screen with a single input. This input designates the desired file path for the database.


By default, it will be set to the project folder’s “bin” folder. If you had your own copy of my database on your D:\ drive (or anywhere on your computer), you could type “D:\” here and play the game on your own computer. This gives me the ability to let other users play the game. All you would need to play the game on your computer is the Microsoft Access Database file and the zRPG.exe executable file.

Changes to User Interface:

I will constantly be making changes to the User Interface (UI) as I see fit. My latest change is what I have been calling “Action Buttons”. As you can see in the screenshot below, I have added 4 buttons above the console on the main screen. Talk, Trade, Attack, and Search. All the button are gray at first, and nothing happens when you click them.


If there is an NPC at a location that you can talk to, the Talk button will become active. If there is an NPC at a location that you can Trade with, the Trade button will become active, etc. Currently, the Talk button doesn’t do anything, but the Trade, Attack, and Search buttons all work.


In the future, I will add more information on the Console. It would be nice to know the name of the person at the location, or if a quest is available.


Here we can see we arrived at the Meadow, and there is a Giant Rat here.

Combat System:

From the last update, we left off at the Meadow faced with a giant rat. Now when we are here we can click the Attack button to attack the rat. We can see a few new lines were added to the console. We attacked the rat, did some damage, and then the rat attacked us, and did some damage.


We can see that our health went down when the Rat attacked us. If we keep clicking Attack, we should eventually kill the rat.


We can see that a few new lines were added to the console. Killing the rad rewarded us with 5 exp, and 5 gold. Additionally, the Search button is now active.

Loot Screen:

The Loot Screen (or Search Screen) will appear when you click the Search button. If there are any available items at a location (from a monster, or otherwise) it will show up in this loot screen.


Here we see ANOTHER DataGridView (can you tell I like DataGridViews?). This grid contains the available items at the location. If we select one and click Loot Item, it will be removed from the list and added to our inventory. If it is the last item in the list, the screen will automatically close. The Loot All button is the forms Accept Button, meaning that if you hit enter, this button will automatically be pressed. Currently, the Loot All button doesn’t work, but it is on my to-do list for the next update.

If we look at our inventory, we can verify that the item from the Giant Rat was indeed added.


This game is one huge step closer to being an actual playable game!


Goals for Update #5:

Here are some of my goals for the next update:

  • Make some tweaks to the Combat system
    • Incorporate Defense Skill
  • Finish Quest Framework
  • Code Loot All Button on Loot Screen


Looking for Feedback:

As usual, I would love to know what you think! Please comment or email me any ideas, suggestions, comments, or concerns!

Thanks for reading!

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