zRPG – Update #5

This is the fifth update for zRPG – My C# Role Playing Game Project.

Here are links to the original post and updates #1#2, #3, and #4


This has been a slow, uneventful couple of weeks. I have been so busy with work and family life that I haven’t had the time or motivation to work on the game.

Part of the reason this has been so slow going, is because I have been working on the quest system, and I just don’t like the way it’s coming together. This update will include what I have now, and my plans to change it in the future.

Quest System:

A pretty huge change that I made was removing quests from Locations, and adding them to NPCs. This was a lot easier said than done, but I felt it was necessary. When you arrive at a location where there is an NPC that has a quest available, the console will alert you, and the Quest button will become active.


This is the part I’m not happy with; when you click the Quest button, a window will appear with two DataGridViews. One for available quests, and one for quests that have the potential to be turned in. Both of these grids represent quests related to the NPC. Not the character or the location.


The quests in the upper grid are new quests that have not been accepted or started. The quests in the lower grid are quests that are in progress. In theory, if you were to meet the requirements or complete the objectives of a quest, this would be how you would claim your reward.


Source Control

I am not currently using any type of source control, and that is not very smart. Every time I work on the project, I create a copy of it and zip it as the last version. The newest copy is always the Master version, and the copies are dated versions. This way, if I decide I want to rollback a day or two, I can just use one of the archived zip files as my new Master.

I plan to starting using GitHub for source control. I will likely keep this project private, but I will add smaller public projects to get a feel for the GitHub community. Not that you’ll find anything there now, but here is a link to my GitHub Profile. I hope to have something there before the next update.


User Interface / User Experience

As I mentioned above, I’m a little displeased with quest system. This is mostly because it doesn’t feel the way I want it to. And the worst part is, I don’t even know how I want it to feel. 

Here are a few quest screens I like from other games:

Hopefully, by the next update, I’ll have some direction on how I want the UI to look, and start making widespread changes. But no means do I plan on copying any of these interfaces, but I will use them as inspiration for my own screens.

Goals for Update #6:

Here are some of my goals for the next update:

  • Start using GitHub
    • Post zRPG (private)
    • Post a public project
  • Start experimenting with the UI
  • Finally finish the quest system

Looking for Feedback:

As usual, I would love to know what you think! Please comment or email me any ideas, suggestions, comments, or concerns!

Thanks for reading!

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