The following is a story I wrote when I was 16. I left all of the grammar mistakes and misspellings for authenticity. Enjoy.


This was always my least favorite part of walking home. Strange things always happen to me and it just makes me feel weird. Everyday when I walk home I stop at the store on the corner of Smith and Franklin and get a drink of water. By that time i feel parched and need some refreshment before I walk into the field. I cut through his one field behind the store to get to my house. I would just walk the roads but it’s about 45 minutes faster to take the short cut. Towards the end of the field is where I start feeling funny. I have to walk through a bunch of trees. Cutting through these trees creeps me out every time. Its not even a forest its just a bunch of trees. There’s no fear at all its just weird. As I approached the trees I heard what seemed to be an infant laughing in the distance. I figured it was just my mind playing tricks on me, so I continued to walk. Every step I took the giggling toddler got louder. I stopped walking. And as you may have guess, just like in any other story or movie, the child stopped laughing as I did. I shook my head and kept walking. This wasn’t real. It couldn’t have been. Why would there be a laughing toddler. Every step I took it got louder. I took some steps back and it got quieter. Now that’s the last straw. I started to run but the cries became so loud I could’t stay on my feet. I walked the rest of the way screaming with my hands over my ears. The next day I walked home to prove to myself that nothing was wrong and it would be fine. This time I skipped the drink of water at the corner store and just went straight home. I walked home without a problem.

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