zRPG 2.0 – Update #1

Since the last update, I have been making tweaks and changes to the database; adding and removing fields and tables as I see fit. This update will go over the changes that have been made to the database, go over some of the ideas I’m having for later on, and show what I have done with the first User Story.

Database Changes

I changed all instances of “Player” to “Character”. For some reason, when I started rebuilding the Database, I changed Character to Player, and now I decided to change it back. It’s a good thing I made that decision now, because it would only become more difficult once things are moving along.

I removed the “SessionWorld” and “SessionCharacter” (formally SessionPlayer) linking tables from the Database. A Session will only ever contain a single World, and a single Character, therefore these tables were redundant.

I have also added the “CharacterGear” table to hold the characters equipped items.

User Story #1

The first User Story has changed a bit from how I originally described it in my last post. When creating a new game, the user will not see the Choose Character screen. They will create their character, and begin the game right away.

2017-11-01 16_42_58-zRPG

When the user opens the game, they will see this start screen. If they click the “Begin Adventure” button, they will see this small character creation screen:
2017-11-01 16_44_00-Create New Character

This character creation has almost the same code as the original one, except I found and fixed a bug with the Remaining Skill Points.

After a character is created, the main form will open and the user can begin playing the game. There are a lot of things that need to happen between the character creation and the opening of the main form. All of the setup for the game needs to happen before the user can begin playing. This means the factories need to start loading everything. Here is a list of the things that will need to happen.

2017-11-02 15_13_54-UserStories.xlsx - Excel

As you can see, I have a lot of work to do before I can even start designing how the main form will look.

Other Ideas

NPC Occupations

I have added a field to the NPC tables called “Occupation”. My first plan for this was to have certain NPCs capable of doing special tasks. An example would be an NPC with the Occupation of “Blacksmith”, if you traded them some raw materials, they would in turn give you a price of armor or a weapon. If someone had the Occupation of “Herbalist”, you could trade them some plants or ingredients for potions.


Like the original version of zRPG, 2.0 will also feature a Configuration Screen. This provides the user a means to declare the file path for their database.

2017-11-01 16_44_21-zRPG - Configuration

As you can see, I have added 2 buttons on the screen for choosing the Foreground and Background colors. I couldn’t decide on a color scheme for the game, and I didn’t want to be stuck staring at the same one for months and months. If the user clicks one of these buttons, a ColorDialog will appear.

2017-11-01 16_44_48-Color

This works just like any other windows color picker. Just select the color you want, and press “OK”. Alternatively, the user can click “Define Custom Colors” to show a more advanced color picker:

2017-11-01 16_45_25-Color

The user can select whatever colors they want for the game. At this time, the little “zRPG” in the corner and the ones on the other screens cannot be changed. But I am definitely going to add that. (Hopefully for the next update)

Here you can see a light gray background with a dark purple foreground. As noted above, the “zRPG” in the corner is not (yet) effected by the change.

2017-11-01 16_45_47-zRPG - Configuration


Well, I think that’s enough for this update. Thanks for reading!


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