zRPG 2.0 – Update #3

This update is a continuation from zRPG 2.0 – Update #1 with a focus on the color scheme or theme or the game. I wanted to include this in my normal update, but I felt it was so unique, it deserved it’s own post.

So, picking up where I left off before, I mentioned how I wanted to change the image of the “zRPG” logo from an actual image into a dynamic label so that we can change the color as we please. There was one hoop I had to jump through to get to that point and that was allowing my project to use the exact font I was using in the images before. This font is not built in to Visual Studio, (or any Microsoft product) so I had to add it manually.

After adding the custom font file, it was simply a matter of replacing the images with labels, and including them in the code.

Here are just a few examples of different colors. These colors are up to the user and can be changed at any time:

2017-11-06 23_14_51-zRPG - Configuration

2017-11-06 23_16_05-zRPG - Configuration

2017-11-06 23_16_43-zRPG - Configuration

2017-11-06 23_17_06-zRPG - Configuration

Just as we expected, the colors will change to whatever the user decides. The next part is to store these values at a global level so that all of our forms in the project can keep the same colors.

So far I have setup just the Config and the Start screens to use the global values. Here we can see I have selected a Gray Foreground with a black Background:

2017-11-06 23_40_38-zRPG - Configuration

When we hit the “Save” button, these values will be stored globally, and the Start screen will appear with the same theme:

2017-11-06 23_40_53-zRPG


That’s it for this Theme update. Depending on the update, it might be a good idea for me to continue to do Theme or UI updates separate from the coding updates. These updates are usually the most simple, but can also be the most interesting because of the visual aspect.


Thanks for reading; stay tuned!


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