Block Breaker – Unity

Click here to play Block Breaker.   This is game 3 of 7 in the Unity course I am taking on Udemy. This is a very basic Arkanoid / Breakout clone. There is nothing special here when it comes to power-ups, earning lives, or scoring points. The real purpose of the game was for me … Continue reading Block Breaker – Unity

Push Block – PuzzleScript

Click here to play Push Block. (I know, very clever name) This game was created with PuzzleScript. If you don't know what PuzzleScript is, it is an open-source HTML5 puzzle game engine. And let me be the first to tell you, it is AWESOME! I found out about PuzzleScript from He has some awesome, easy to … Continue reading Push Block – PuzzleScript

Escape the Dungeon

Click here to play Escape the Dungeon This is a simple Text based game. There are no menus, buttons, or any other UI components. Use the keyboard to make choices, and try to Escape the Dungeon without getting caught! I (initially) posted this game online for free using a website called (now the link goes … Continue reading Escape the Dungeon