D&D – Between Sessions

In the D&D campaign that I am currently playing, I think we will usually have one or two sessions a month. In between sessions, I find myself trying to scratch that itch by doing something else D&D related. This post will go over some of the things I have been doing and some of the things I plan to do in between sessions.

Organize Materials

Over the last month, I have been trying different ways to organize and store my basic D&D supplies. I want to have each of my characters have it’s own cheap, folder-type object to carry everything they need. Character sheets, spell cards, paper for taking notes, and any other items they may need. The simplest solution would be a binder, however I don’t want to spend that much on each character, and a binder is far too bulky. The table I’m currently playing at is very small and there is just not enough room to have a opened binder sprawled out on the table. Right now I’m just using a spiral notebook with built in a pocket folder. By the time this campaign is over, I would like to have a cheap, consistent solution so I can keep all of my characters separated on a shelf to look back on.

Read / Watch

Reading is something that I have done very little of in my adult life. I started reading regularly on my tablet, and I hope to continue in the future. I’m nearing the end of a novel by Matt Colville. (You will be hearing more about him from me in the future)

On Thursday Nights, I now watch Critical Role. If you are into D&D or role playing games in general, and you don’t know what critical role is, I highly suggest you look into it. It is an amazing D&D live stream/show on Twitch and YouTube. If you are wondering when it’s on in your time zone, this website will answer your question. Watching other groups play D&D and reading fantasy novels are going to greatly aide my next two topics.

Learn to be a Dungeon Master

There are many reasons why you would want to learn to DM. Matt Colville has an extraordinary YouTube series called Running the Game that has made me want to start learning. Learning to DM is the obvious solution to my “itch needs scratching” problem, but it’s easier said than done. For now, I will likely just continue to watch videos and read guides online. Eventually I would like to get a group of brand new players together and teach them how to play. New players may not be able to tell if I’m doing a terrible job or not. Slowly, I would like to collect the following items:

Design my own Campaign Setting

This kind of goes along with the last item; creating my own campaign setting should probably happen after I’m already familiar with how to run the game. Running a prewritten campaign will be vastly different from running a home-brew campaign. Matt Colville suggests buying or using someones campaign setting and then changing it to make your own. I like the idea of sitting down, making maps, creating towns and designing dungeons. This sort of thing you may see come through on this site as I start to think of what kind of word I want to design, and start experimenting with different world building software (and graph paper). It would even be cool to create my own world building software.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more content!

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