It’s back!

I have been slowly (but surely) adding things to this game and fixing outstanding bugs. A notable improvement is the decreased lag or wait time when moving around the map. When changing locations, there was previously a lag of at least 1 second, sometimes up to 5 seconds. I was able to drastically reduce that lag by moving some things around in the code. When moving to an area that has an NPC, Monster, or Item, there is still a lag, but it is no where near as bad as it once was.


For the first time ever, you can download zRPG and run it on your own computer!

By clicking the link below, a zipped folder will be downloaded to you computer. Your browser and computer will probably not know what the file is so you may need to tell it it’s okay to open it.

Once open and extracted, the folder should look like this. Double click the .exe file to start the application.

2018-05-16 09_50_19-Release

And that’s it!

Running the Application

If you notice any bugs or have any issues opening the app, please let me know! I’m sure there are plenty of things wrong with it. Please remember that this is not an actual release. This is not yet an actual game.


Mana is not really used in the game yet. So I would recommend making a character with more Health than Mana. Strength and Defense are both used in the game, but may not be very balanced yet. Monk and Barbarian will give you high Health. Mage and Ranger will give you lower Health. Essentially, as it’s written, playing as a Mage would be like playing on “Hard Mode”.


You will notice that there are no quests, and there is nothing pointing you in a certain direction.

My recommendation for a “quest” would be to find and kill the Ice Troll. There is only one in the game and it’s stronger than any other monster. If you can kill this Troll, I give you some serious props. It’s not as easy as it sounds! (It can be done at level 1 with the right supplies) Another recommendation for a “quest” is to kill every monster in the game. That is something that I have not tried, let me know if you can do it!


Yes, I understand that the database is not web hosted, and it is not secure whatsoever. Technically, you could go directly into the database file and enter in whatever data you wanted; create your own items, monsters, NPCs, anything. I am certainly not saying that you can’t do that, but this isn’t much of a game yet, so giving yourself 20 Health Potions to kill the troll may not be very satisfying.

Thanks for reading!