zGames – Update #0

I have finally began working on a long thought about project idea. This is a Windows Forms Desktop Application with the purpose of keeping track of my video game collection. Not only do I want to see a complete list of all my games, I also want to track which games I’m currently playing, and which games I have finished. One of the goals for this project was to somehow inspire me to complete more games, and not start playing new games until I have finished one.

This is version 1.0.0.

This is what the main interface looks like. Everything here is pretty self explanatory.

2018-09-13 10_41_12-zGames

All of the data for this program is stored in a single text file. The Default file location is ‘C:\zGames\’. If this folder doesn’t exist, the program will create it, and create the proper text file to start saving games. If you have a text file already you can type in the path and click ‘Load Current’ and the program will attempt to load it.

2018-09-13 10_41_24-zGames

This is what it will look like if you have a file with games in it properly loaded.

2018-09-13 10_42_27-zGames

By default, the games are in alphabetical order by Title. Clicking on Title or Console in the DataGridView will sort them as you would expect.

If you click on any of the console buttons, the list will filter to only show games from that console.

2018-09-13 10_42_39-zGames

Similarly, if you click on any of the button at the top of the form, the list will filter depending on which button was clicked.

Clicking on the icons8-Create icon will open the selected game to show it’s details.

2018-09-13 10_42_52-Game Details

From this screen, you can edit and save any of the fields on the game. You can also delete a game from here.

From the main interface, if you click the ‘ADD GAME’ button, you will see a screen very similar to the Game Details screen. Here you can add games.

2018-09-13 10_47_14-Add Game

As you can see, we added ‘The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy’ and now we can see it in the NES list. (sorted)

2018-09-13 10_47_24-zGames

When you click add game when you already have the main interface filtered on a certain console, that console will automatically be selected when the Add Game screen opens.

There is also a Random Game feature. This will choose a random game from your current list. If you have it filtered on handheld games because you are looking for a new handheld game to play, it will choose a Random Game from that list.

2018-09-13 10_49_47-zGames

2018-09-13 10_50_10-Random Game

This is still in the early stages. There are some more things that I would like to add. Currently, adding games is pretty simple, but I want to make it even easier by allowing you to add more than one at a time.

I plan to make this available for download at a future version when I can do some more thorough smoke testing. If anyone would like the current version to start using, just comment or send me a message and we can work something out.

Thanks for reading!

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