zGames – Update #1

Version 1.0.4.

Changes in this Update

  • Changed Console ComboBox on Game Details screen from DropDown to DropDownList to prevent user input/error.
2018-09-13 10_42_52-Game Details
Old: Console DropDown is Editable
2018-09-19 14_36_41-Game Details.png
New: Console DropDown is now a List that the user cannot edit.
  • After you add a game, the ‘Add Game’ button has focus to you can press enter and add another game very quickly.
  • Added accelerator keys to the Add Game screen. Makes adding games without using the mouse even quicker. Example, pressing ALT+B+K will select the Box and Booklet options.
2018-09-19 14_38_10-Add Game.png
Accelerator Keys can be seen after pressing the ALT key.
  • When you click ‘Add Game’ when coming from a screen filtered on a handheld system, the handheld check box will automatically be selected. This makes adding a bunch of handheld games one step easier
  • Added a search bar. I went through and added a bunch of my games, and thought it would be cool to type ‘Zelda’ and get a complete list of Zelda games, not filtered by console.
2018-09-19 14_39_32-zGames
Search shown using ‘Kirby’ as an example.

Future Features

  • Imports
    • I have a few imported games that I want to add. Particularly for Super Famicom. I might add the Super Famicom as a Console, or add the games to the SNES console with an ‘Import’ checkbox.
  • Wishlist
    • Adding a wishlist is something I want to do for sure. It should be fairly simple. Wishlist Games will exist in the same list as the rest of the games, but will not show up in the normal lists, and they will function a bit differently.
  • Backlog
    • The backlog is still in the idea phase. I will start designing that soon. I would like to see this incorporated in it’s own interface, separate from the main screen.
  • Enhance the Search
    • I would like the Search to consider the ‘Note’ field. For example, I want to see all the Xbox Kinect games, but some don;t have the word ‘Kinect’ in the title.
  • Enhance the Data Grid View
    • Allow the users to show and hide fields on the Data Grid View.
  • More Filtering
    • Allow the user to filter by other fields. For example, I want to see all the games I have That have booklets, but no box. Or all the games that are ‘greatest hits’.

As noted in Update #0, I plan to make this available for download at a future version. If anyone would like the current version to start using, just comment or send me a message and we can work something out.

Thanks for reading!

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