zGames – Update #3

Version 1.0.9.

Changes in this Update

Xbox One:

If you are perceptive, you may have noticed the featured image of this post does not contain an ‘Android’ option, and now contains an ‘Xbox One’ option. I recently picked up an Xbox One and decided to replace the Android button with it. Instead of adding a new button and being forced to move things around, I decided there wasn’t a good enough reason to keep Android games on this list.

2018-11-08 12_51_06-zGames

Double Click:

You can now double click a Game to open the game details screen. A very simple change, but I felt it was needed.

2018-11-08 12_51_42-Game Details

Enhanced the Search

As mentioned in my previous update, I have enhanced the search a bit. The search now searches the ‘Note’ field instead of just the ‘Title’ field. Here you can see I searched for ‘Kinect’, and all of my Kinect games show up, even if the title of the game does not say ‘Kinect’.

2018-11-08 13_10_46-zGames

If anyone would like the current version to start using for yourself, just comment or send me a message and we can work something out.

Thanks for reading!

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