I have some big plans for 2019, many of which will be reflected and documented on this website.

  • Continue working on zGames
  • Continue working on zRPG
  • Create new Puzzle Script games
  • Create PDF organizer app (zPDF)
  • Create password tracker app (zPW)
  • Create Dinner Suggester / Recipe Organizer app (zEAT)
  • Create D&D Dungeon Master Studio app (zD&D)
  • D&D Campaign Diary

Some other things I plan on doing in 2019 are: eating better, exercising more, staying organized, spending time with my family, reading books, playing board games, making time for friends, playing video games, teaching my oldest daughter D&D, and many many many more! Each recent year has been drastically better than the last, and I hope to keep that streak going!

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