zPDF – Update #0

This is something that I have been meaning to do for a while. With my newfound love for Dungeons and Dragons, I have been collecting lots of D&D related content, most of it in the form of PDF files. I have been wanting to create a way to organize all of my PDFs, while keeping them easy to sort and find exactly what I’m looking for. So, naturally, I chose to create a WinForms application with a DataGridView.

zPDF – Dashboard

This is what is looks like so far. The TreeView on the left panel is not functional at the moment. A few of the buttons and menu items do have some functionality already.

File > Add
Add PDF Button

File > Add or the Add PDF button will open a File Explorer Dialog and you can select a PDF to add to the program. A future update will be to enhance this to allow multiple PDFs to be added as once.

Newly added PDF appears in the DataGridView

Once added, the PDF will appear in the DataGridView. Double Clicking on the row in the gird will open the PDF in your prefered PDF viewer.

PDF opens in Adobe Acrobat Reader

Edit > Remove or the Remove PDF button will remove the PDF from the program.

Edit > Remove
Remove PDF Button

The panels are expandable and the app itself is re-sizable.

Panels Resized
Window Maximized

There is still a long way to go with this one. The TreeView will be nice for certain things. There will be options to edit the metadata of a PDF. Many more columns will be added to the grid, such as file size, tags, and notes. The WinRar button will allow you to archive files of your choice. The program will allow you to choose where your PDFs are stored, as well as where they go when they are removed. (they are not deleted)

You can expect to see Update #1 coming soon. There should also be a new PuzzleScript game coming this month. Thanks for reading!

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