Until today, I had two websites; This site, and an additional site I used to host my games. (games made in Unity as well as PuzzleScript games) Today I had the harsh realization that (some) hosting renewal costs are much higher than the initial year subscription cost. So I have decided to remove zachdgames from the web.

I have not put much thought into how I will share games on my site moving forward. I will likely use a free service like for hosting games. Please note that any existing posts that have a link to zachdgames will no longer work. (These posts have been removed) It is likely that the PuzzleScript games will be lost forever. There’s a possibility I have them saved somewhere, but I doubt it. I’m not going to put any effort into bringing any of those games back online. I’m going to create a PuzzleScript game and figure out how I want to share it, and then go from there.

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