I have some big plans for 2019, many of which will be reflected and documented on this website. Continue working on zGamesContinue working on zRPGCreate new Puzzle Script gamesCreate PDF organizer app (zPDF)Create password tracker app (zPW)Create Dinner Suggester / Recipe Organizer app (zEAT)Create D&D Dungeon Master Studio app (zD&D)D&D Campaign Diary Some other things … Continue reading 2019

Gamer Confessions Tag

I got this idea from Nick over at Deconstructing Video Games. Here we go: A game everyone loves that you can’t stand Online First Person Shooters Specifically, Call of Duty. Not sure why, but I just never enjoyed playing shooters online. I do however, enjoy the campaigns on some of these games; Call of Duty 2 … Continue reading Gamer Confessions Tag


The following is a story I wrote when I was 16. I left all of the grammar mistakes and misspellings for authenticity. Enjoy. Bubbler This was always my least favorite part of walking home. Strange things always happen to me and it just makes me feel weird. Everyday when I walk home I stop at … Continue reading Bubbler

3 LBs of Legos from eBay

I recently started playing with Legos with my oldest daughter, Avalee. She is finally at the age where she can assemble and disassemble Legos without too much help. Our first lot of Legos came from my wife's boss. I'd say about 10 pounds of blocks that actually turned out to be mostly megablocks. After separating … Continue reading 3 LBs of Legos from eBay