zRPG 2.0 – Update #5

This may or may not be the last time this game sees light. If you've read my last post, you will know I am moving away from creating games in WinForms, and will be moving forward with Unity. This post will walk through most of the current functionality that the game has. It will simply … Continue reading zRPG 2.0 – Update #5

zRPG 2.0 – Update #4

Once again, this update hasn't added any functionality to the game, but has added content with an emphasis on the Map. The Old Map Here is the very first version of the map that I started. This map looks just like the one from zRPG 1.0, and I decided I wanted to move away from … Continue reading zRPG 2.0 – Update #4

zRPG 2.0 – Update #3

This update is a continuation from zRPG 2.0 – Update #1 with a focus on the color scheme or theme or the game. I wanted to include this in my normal update, but I felt it was so unique, it deserved it's own post. So, picking up where I left off before, I mentioned how I wanted … Continue reading zRPG 2.0 – Update #3

zRPG 2.0 – Update #2

In this update, I want to talk about the creation of the Dataset within the application. I will be creating a separate post to pick up where we left off with the Theme Settings from the last update. Dataset Creation Working with the Dataset control within Visual Studio is something that I've learned in school, and … Continue reading zRPG 2.0 – Update #2

zRPG 2.0 – Update #1

Since the last update, I have been making tweaks and changes to the database; adding and removing fields and tables as I see fit. This update will go over the changes that have been made to the database, go over some of the ideas I'm having for later on, and show what I have done … Continue reading zRPG 2.0 – Update #1

zRPG 2.0 – Design

If you've read zRPG – Update 6, you know that I am rebuilding zRPG from the ground up due to some major database design flaws. There was way too much code where it didn't belong, and the classes were far from object oriented. There were a lot of things that I wasn't able to save/load, … Continue reading zRPG 2.0 – Design